I served for:-

Mahesh Dayma Ji

BJP Sohna

Sudhir Singla Ji

BJP Gurugram 

Subhash Chand Singla Ji

BJP Gurgaon

Pawan Yadav Ji

RWA Gurugram

Sample Text

Dr. Vipul Sharma

BJP Bharatpur

My Stratergies


Understand the behavior of audience


Filter the right audience into 3 segment.

Step- 3

Historic Analysis

Step- 4

Logical Targeting

Step- 5

Market Signals

Step- 6

Resource and Planning

Step- 7

Data-Driven Content

Step- 8

Find and Motivate right Influencers

Step- 9

Social media marketing

Step- 10

Negative campaigning

Step- 11

Video Promotion

Step- 12

Build Public Relations via Whatsapp Marketing

Step- 13

Use Re-marketing as a productive tool