Google AdWords

Google Adwords is an advertising platform where we pay per click or per impression. AdWords basically offers two ways of advertisement: i.e advertisement on Google Search Network and advertisement on Google Display Network.
While both advertisements are functionally not similar to each other. But they both use a PPC bidding system, where we have to bid for our advertisement

  • Google Search Network :- Google Search Network allows us to show our ads to the targetable audiences and the audience who are actually searching for the relevant keywords.

  • Google Display Network :- Google Display Network shows our post, banner or display ads to the targetable audiences and the audience who are actually searching for the relevant product or service online. These ads are placed on various websites where we think of our targetable audience will be present.

Google Adwords Campaign

Basically google adwords offer five tyes of campaign:-

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display Advertising

1. Google Search

There are over 63,000 average Google searches across the world every second on each and every day. Advertising on Google search will help us in getting fast results, opens huge opportunities for our business, and Increase visibility on the search engine results page for our chosen keywords.

we can create a campaign for our business by creating and managing several ad groups within the campaign. And these groups can focus on different categories of the keyword. For example, a Digital Marketing company can choose to run ads for app designing, Search engine optimization and social media marketing can create individual ad groups(for each of the three topics). Moreover, we can bid on each individual keywords.

Google Search AdWords Tips

Google Search AdWords can be improved by using some special extension like:-

  • Callout extensions: We can add up to 4 callout extensions onto our ads, each with a 25 character limit, to showcase our business’s main USPs.
  • Sitelink extensions: We can add additional links under the main body of text, helping to increase our ads visibility and user interaction rate.
  • Call extensions: To encourage users to call your business, we can add a phone number to your ads. the phone number will be clickable for smartphones user.
  • Negative keywords: Depending on the type of keyword match we have set up, the ads can sometimes appear on irrelevant and unwanted searches.
  • Bid adjustments: Use filters and adjustments on the bases of demography, geography, and devices used.

2. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a great tool for those businesses that have there own e-commerce websites. A shopping campaign can help us in advertising every single product individually, without having to set bids on all of the product’s keywords.

By submitting a feed of all of our products to Google Merchant Centre, and setting a daily budget and CPC bid, our items will appear on the Google Shopping platform. Some items may appear on the search results page and some may appear on the Google Shopping page

3. Video Advertising

Google acquired YouTube for more than $1.6 billion, After that youtube aka Google ODV platform become one of the latest video ads or digital commercial platform in the history of the digital world. Google ODV platform offer various type of the ads for us like:-

  • TrueView in-stream ads: This is the type of video ad is that appears before, during and after other YouTube videos, and is skippable after five seconds of viewing. The adverts can also appear on videos on Google partner sites, and advertisers are only charged when a viewer watches the ads for 30 seconds.
  • TrueView video discovery ads: Rather than automatically playing our video ads to users, we can set up a discovery ad, aimed at getting site visitors to watch our video content. Our ads will appear on YouTube search results, next to related YouTube videos (that user is searching for). We will be charged only when viewers click through to watch.
  • Bumper ads: It is much Similar to the in-stream ad format, It appear before, during or after other videos on YouTube and partner sites, but is a maximum of six seconds in duration and unskippable by viewers.

4. Mobile Advertising

Mobile or smartphone searches have overtaken desktop searches in many countries all over the world (especially in our India).In order to make this fact as merit, Google responding by creating a new type of advertisement formats for smartphones, tablets, and mobile users. These types of ads are extremely handy and engaging for our users. Some of these types of campaign are:-

  • Universal App campaigns:- These new format ads encourage viewers to download and install apps. The ad campaign generally created to drive more installations traffic and also encourage more in-app actions.
  • Call-only ads:- These types of ads campaign are generally used to encourage the user to directly call the business with their smartphones.(In place of visiting our website). Call-only ads look much more similar to text ads and specifically appear on the search network.These ads are in-text ads format, thats why they require a URL(display), business or brand name and short description. but the headline is replaced with a phone number (business number),

5. Display Advertising

As the name suggest its a display only type of campaign. And generally run or visible on a wide selection of websites (Google’s display network) that accept advertisement via AdWords. Google Display network advertisement allow us to create various types of a campaign like:-

  • Text ads: The ads are ideally in format to the text ads on the search network. Mostly they are displayed all over on the network of partner websites or on Google display network.
  • Image ads: This allows us to use eye-catchy images on the display network. In the hope to get business through the click on the image.
  • Rich media ads: Rich media ads are exactly similar to image display ads. But they have highly interactive GIF and animations that make it more eye-catching and attractive to the user
  • Video ads: In this type of display network advertisement, we can embed a video to play directly in the ads section of Google partner websites.